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Standard Wedding Ceremony in English OR Spanish with standard vows.

Standard Wedding Ceremony in English AND Spanish with standard vows.

Standard Wedding Ceremony in English OR Spanish with customized wedding vows.

Standard Wedding Ceremony in Englis AND Spanish with customized wedding vows.

Specialized Wedding Ceremony- Ask for quote.



Healthcare should be a basic human right, instead of a privilege for the select few who have the money to afford it. Anyone who thinks that healthcare is a privilege has not been personally impacted by the lack of access to affordable care.

We believe that countries could do better by having healthier citizens. So we believe that healthcare is a human right. It should not be a commodity that can be denied because you have too little income, do not have the right job or any job at all, or have a pre-existing medical condition (July 27, 2017, Executive Council of the AFL-CIO).


2. AffordableUniversity.

We believe free education would benefit the entire nation, not just the individual students who take advantage of it.

When the cost of attending trade schools or universities is too high, a lot of students will simply choose not to pursue higher education. High costs also leave some college graduates with debt levels that hamper their ability to attain at last a middle-class lifestyle.

  • We can offer the opportunity to every citizen.
  • People with better-paying jobs could lead to happier lives. And happier people could lead to a happier more prosperous nation.




Housing is a question of dignity. Every human being needs a shelter for himself and his family. Housing instability, frequent moves, overcrowding, and the threat of eviction and hopelessness for far too many families are only some of the consequences of lack of affordable housing. Families paying high percentages of their income for housing, often find it impossible to experience progress. We believe governments should have accessible programs to help individuals and their families to purchase houses that are affordable. We believe safe, secure, affordable housing is a basic human need.


4. Every country needs to create a safety net for children, women and senior citizens.

Caring for these three groups is the product of love. The assistance of government programs to help these specific groups could be implemented by programs including:

-Affordable childcare

-Culture of respect for women

-Strategies for ending sexual violence

-Program that improve the wellbeing of children, women, and senior citizens.

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